Saturday, 10 September 2016

motive of this exam

why are you born
you are born to be given heaven inshallah
this exam even every Prophet has gone through
and met the end
even the death has not foresaken our Prophet
everythin in this world has to perish one day
Allah knows whom he had made of heaven and for hell
how much higher he can go or lower for heaven
how much you can struglle
how much you can bare etc
then still why we are going through so troublesome form called life as exam
in hadees
When Allah (SWT) created the Garden, He asked the Angel Jibreel (AS) to go and take a look at it.
So he went and looked at the Paradise and at all that Allah had prepared for its inhabitants.
Then he said “O My Lord! By Your Honour, No one who hears about this place would stay away from it.”
 Then Allah surrounded the Paradise by difficulties and hardships and asked Jibreel again to go and take another look.
 Jibreel went again and after looking at it came back and said “O My Lord! By Your Honour, I am afraid now that no one will be able to enter it.”
 Then after Allah created the Hell, He asked Jibreel to go and take a look.
 When Jibreel came back he said “O My Lord! By Your Honour, no one who hears about it will ever enter it.”
 Then Allah surrounded the Hell by all kinds of lusts and desires and asked Jibreel to take another look.
 This time after looking at it Jibreel said “O My Lord! By Your Honour, I am afraid that no one will be able to avoid it.”
so we can conclude if you have to goto heaven YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH TROUBLE
were there not troubles in rich peoples lifes like Hazat Khatija RA Harzat Usman Ra etc
who is the Man who was the poorest on this planet of Earth
who is the best philantrhophist bet Saqi on this planet of Earth
if was our Dearest Prophet
Quran says there is no best example as our Prophet ,so true it is.
so the motive of this exam is
why trouble comes
why we the beings whom are made to enjoy being sent to trouble to enjoy it finally
you cannot find the true value unless you calibrate it(this is the only word which i liked in all my bachelorstudy)
compare your value with standard value
for example say Allah made you straight away put you in heaven
what enjoyment you could have
say you are millionare and you have been given many times millions
will there be any worth
all the people of this ummah mostly are poor
look around the mercy of Allah on muslims are all poor (or middle class ,struggling)
why is that
you know the worth of each blessing
you dont have clothes Allah gives you clothes of noor
you dont have good food when you goto shop you desire to eath this that but cannot as costly or forbidden
in heaven the best of the best dishes
1 hadees says a drop will enlighten with world not universe with its smell
the best wives which will satifies you totally, not like in this world again you want another
the best palaces willbe in firdaus as Allah makes himself with his hands
to know the worth
that is why everybody has to go through troubles
mentally physically emotionally or with wealth or with children etc etc etc.

Quran focuses you dont run behind worldly desires
if you run
the rule is simple
what you get here willnot there

example you ran behind money
you will be poor there
unless Allah swt gives you here means if he gives you it will not be for you
many willhave share in it
your children need fees for school
or your brother needs for some problems
or your poor relatives need for there situations
if you say no all for me
then that will become poison for you here as said in sura al adiyat

we have been given 1% percent of heaven

since 21st century the face of the world has been changed
it has been given no other timeperiod has been given
 the mercy of Allah has increased forefolds
i am not sure if it 1% or less
i am just using some figure to make my point
what is heaven
best place to live
best to eat
best to drink
best to enjoy
enjoy and only enjoy
you are living in mansions with ac with fans with tiles with marbles with carpets with gates
with toilets with bathrooms equalto size of big halls
with sound systems
with clothes of different kinds and best qualities equal to temperatures be it moon or antartica
or other places
shoes by far shoes with which he can run fast benefit human body etc

fur is not costly anymore
money is accountable now
technology by far to reach the dna
that can change dna level
education in any aspect
proper schooling with simultaneous year wise syllbus
every thing has given value and status
even you can read Quran online now
my habit is put sura baqara near my ears and sleep
even i concerntrate i am blessed with good deeds
month of travelling has become day or 2 as was given to Prophet Sulaiman AS.

this is the time period which Allah has blessed the most compared to other time periods
the exam has become easy for us by mercy of Allah swt
previously aryans who had better drainage system were considered best species
today a ordinary human can eat now better what previous kings used to eat

so i can conclude that mercy from Allah
but from human is destruction
he has used anything and everything to descturction of itself its relationships its worth its bondings and nature as well


what is islam
we all know it is the religion from Allah swt
true religion other than this Allah will not accept even if you bring this earth or what is in it of value
that is we should teach small children
for there understanding this is best
but for adults
who have sincerely believed in Allah will know what it is
the true meaning will not be able to define but can feel it.if you want to define then it will be small children definitions only
the true soul of islam is to change you
for that you should check yourself what are you made of
what features you have what have you been blessed with
with knowledge or eyesight or thinking or strenght etc
i feel pity to everyone as the true meaning i cannot see anybody else in todays world
as all are duniya duniya
nobody is truly saying Allah Allah
todays islam has become for occasion purpose only
ramazan came pray fast eat sumptously talk worldly
idd fitr pray eat enjoy worldly.
idd azha pray eat meat enjoy worldly.
umrah selfie, photo with kaba with friends others.
haj do whatever you like no taqwa smoke curse
even farz prayers are just sajda situps the end no bonding relation with Allah swt
and farz are more than enough no need sunna or nafl
there is no dua as for asking Allah crying begging fighting presenting yourself situations, no need
even in masjid nabawi when you go for ziyara selfie is important than greeting the Prophet properly
i thank Allah that we are born now after 1500 if our dear Prophet was present i dont know what we would make it of.
so low thinking
all causes have only 1 enemy it is illitracy

this is all stupid facts which i see of world today
the true islam is it will show within yourself what you have every second
what you are made of
islam deals with 2 facts mainly there are many other facts
but for exam this 2 now presently are important
finding Allah
relation with others
there are other sections like angels , holy books, enemy or even hadees
we dont have to run anywhere to know the facts what islam said
but these 2 are important now

i am astonished that see who Allah swt is blessing
i am an stupidest person in the world
i am not still able to talk to people properly
i am always in imagination world
but i am blessed with is mercy of Allah
there are other muslims who are byfar with greater features

but it is pity to the world and mute person like is blessed
let me tell you the present state of world
you can know the present sate of world as what comes down from above
means i keep observing blessings which come from Allah swt
presently the world has lost essence of islam
that is why the protection layer is totally gone now
that layer comes from good doings of believers

the air which is overall is of kufr
proof - you can see once big ulama aalim candidates  or good muslims, are now captured in worldly desires
or talk about world only or do some form of stupidity
kafir are the happiest
enemys are gaurdians now if you keep them happy you live happily vice versa
if you want to stay muslim special mercy of Allah is needed given to you specifically
if not you can see all feud upon you by relatives or coworkers or even brothers will do
i am the weakest ,even seeing this i pray but no use as i am weak
islam facts
1. Allah you can find Allah in anything
i found Allah in leaves in ice in plants in lakes in moutains in universe
now in his mercy upon each and everyone.
second fact
treat others
for that you have to focus on islam what it says
it says ,o human body change to order of Allah swt be a muslim ,morally
all in Quran
it gave stories of Aad samud firaun etc many times
many times there name came why
it gave reason that they followed there desires
following desires means
me myself for me i  etc
so islam is brotherhood treat others etc
sahih buqari says
Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr: A man asked the Prophet , "What sort of deeds or (what qualities of) Islam are good?"
 the Prophet replied, 'To feed (the poor) and greet those whom you know and those whom you do not Know (See Hadith No. 27).
  (Book #2, Hadith #11)
so islam is only 2 section study
find Allah
treat yourself from problem of me (means believe in Allah in all situation or for others as well)
Allah is most merciful
so he wants you alll to me merciful on others as well
what is illitracy
some work you do and you dont know it you did not learn it how you should have learned it
ignorant or stupid people are best examples
the time period when i was with my friends they know exactly how stupid i was
it is hearts nafs nastiest desire not to learn anything
as nafs is made purely for enjoyment
it is mercy of Allah what position what knowledge of deen you have it is his blessings
the previous ummah as less true word of Allah in form of books
so they straight way denied Allah has his Prophet
they asked proof
they were given but still denied it
as they followed hearts desires
simply telling they did not want to learn
we have been given everything start to end knowledge
for anything you can study start till end
that is why many aare aalims in there respective fields
we can treat nafs
we can treat lust
we can treat greediness
we can treat kufr
we can treat any disorder
we have been given direct link with Allah (prayers and Quran)
nobody has or had
we have given vip postion before our death

in my eyes biggest blessing is
we have given to be in best ummah whose Propet Allah loves the most
for whom he gave universe the aalamin its position
for whom he gave human a form a postion
position that angels should work with them
it is just only because of our dear Prophet.
sahaba were given position of RA
next generation was given position of tabayin
next tabe tabayin etc
his name is joined in kalima of witness
without that nobody is called muslim of this umma
human feature for travelling
traveling is seriious task in way of Allah
first read what Ibrahim AS traveled for that traveling he was true believer of one Allah alone
Uzair As traveled while traveling he saw a village upside down why
Musa As traveled to learn taking break from Prophet to hazrat Khizar 
(this best example of learning also, if you want to learn there is 1 form of true information for that you need to go,
to that source then you can get it)
example once i say to my mother a word as solar heater she remembers i saw that solar heater in my cousins house they have it
not like no we can have it we are having it no,so how she learned she remembers it
that is basic human feature for learning.
and why young and old sahaba traveled from there natives places to Mecca as there was true person who was guiding them to truest path
Salman farsi ra, there are many whose names i dont remembre sorry.
ther is first hadees in sahih buqari
which says
what intention you travel you will find it
means Allah mercy willbe for that to help you
if you travel for Allah in Quran Allah said you will find with SURE
can you have chat with obama or angela merkel or india pm no
but Allah surity is the deal
if you travel to studies you will fulfill inshallah
the hadees says

Quran talks about illitracy all the time
it says in form of like to ignorant people
kufr is also 1 form of illitracy denying Allah swt.
the break of illitracy is learn properly the true meaning
Islam has many definitions one which i found out is true meaning of the word

Sunday, 17 April 2016

EARTH the best selected place for humans

Assalamalaikum wa rahmatullah
Allah swt ne ek badi place select ki hai sab insaan ke liye
yahi ek jaga hai jidhar aap kuch bhi karsakte hai
Allah swt ne ye exam hall ki tarah aaplog ke liye select kiya hai
aur Allah se azaadi kisi ko bhi nahi magar insaan ku kuch limit tak is zamin me azaadi di hai
yahi ye jaga hai jidhar aapkuch bhi maang sakte hai
Quran me Allah swt ne farmaya ki insaan ki value jannat se shuru ki hai
ab vo yaha amal karke jannat badi karte jaye
ya badamal karke dozakh me jaga badi karte jaye
insaan ke haat me hai
Allah ke Rasool ki batayi hui zindagi guzaare ya apni marzi
(pehle ke log jinka naam kafi aaya Quran me kyu kabhi kisi time aaplogo ke soncha kyu aya hai
vo apni marzi ki zindagi guzaarna CHAHTE the
aur guzaare bhi jab line cross kare to Allah swt ne sab ke liye nishani example banaake chod diya)
insaan duniya me do hi marzi karsakta hai
ek apni marzi
ya Allah ki marzi(Rasool ka bataya hua raasta)
islam me bhi aaj 2 islam hogaye hai
Allah ku follow karne ka islam jo puuri zindagi har chiz me chek karte hai Allah ne iske liye kya kaha, uske liye kya bataya
2nd hai apni marzi ka islam
kuch apni karlo kuch Allah ki sunlo(isliye to islam me phirke banaaliye log)(IN THE SENSE APNI MARZI)
ye aisi jaga hai
jaha ibaadat ka mauqa mila insaan ko
duniya ke best places saare UNIVERSE ME KAHA HAI BATAO
yahi is duniya me
kaha hai aap any guess
jo yaha nahi jaane ki niyyat kara vo to baddimag hi hai
i have analyzed about Makkah
according to hadees mai suna ki hamare pyaare nahi SAW ne chaha ki kaaba ke 2 doors ho aane jaane aur 1 window ho
so i have analyzed that a line should be formed of humans and everybody should enter 1 door and get out another
so in factory a product comes and replenishes to new then the next one
just like that
and Allah has selected for various activities Makkah we can study Quran for that
Allah swt ne banaya insaan ko maze karne ke liye hi
magar ye place nahi hai maze ke liye
aur naahi grading ke liye
but i see almost all humans including muslims judge others here only
we can observe as this place is for exam considering what blessing you have upon you
i have seen lot of kafir who are enjoying
example they havent seen a single trouble in there life
whereas muslim if you have to goto heaven you HAVE to cross a path with difficulties
there is no other way to heaven
yahi hai jaha aap jannat maangsakte hai
yahi hai jaha aap waterfalls huurs, aaraami maansakte hia
yahi hai jaha aap azaab se chutkaara maangsakte hai
yahi hai aap jaha dozakh se duuri maangsakte hai
sirf aur sirf yahi hai app Allah swt ki rahmat haasil karsakte hai
small blessings also here as

if you have trouble ask Allah swt to let you free from it
if you want good wife ask Allah swt
if you want health benefits any mercy to come closer to Allah swt
only here is the place
beg as according to the thinking who is the giver
what is his level,he is so high that he is pure of level
we dont know anything

just ask forgiveness brothers.

Allahu samad

Allahu samad
this verse is so big
i have to travel to each lane each house each mountain each pebble each sea each ocean each river
each tree
each insect
each animal
each human
each road
each city
each country
each land
each planet
each galaxy
each empty space in universe
each out of universe
each cloud
each sky
each angel
each being which is living
which is dead

each each each then ask them there living sleeping eating drinking enjoying then
i will still not the complete meaning of this verse-------

etc etc etc

each each each then ask them there living sleeping eating drinking enjoying and many more then
i will still not the complete meaning of this verse
as we havent seen Allah swt still

Monday, 25 January 2016


Angels are the perfect beings
they are the perfect creation of Allah swt
perfect in everything
there work remembering,and carrying out
there food is zikr of Allah swt
what a blessed food they have
that is why they are called noori maqluq

our enemy said to Adam why dont eat that fruit otherwise you would become angel
so we can see the status of angel here

in one hadees it is said if you understand clearly arabic in Quran then you can hear the guiding from your helper angels correctly.

when all heaven people will go in heaven
all big angels known angels and head angels will come just like an big occasion only to you
and they will say SALAAM ON YOU on blessed being
greetings on your victory
really best place you got
with this the jannati will become big(not physically) that all are greeting me
like any leader will come specifically to you and greets you
you feel very honourable in front of other and neighbors
just like that you will feel honored
that is the real honor

finally your Lord of Alamin will greet you
on heavenly being SALAM FROM YOUR RAB whose is big merciful
then his chest will be at highest peak of honor.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


first of all learning should be according to age
if you make an old man sit with iron fist then it will count as tyranny.
if you make a child then that is parenting, but dont overdo it, overdoing is not liked by Allah swt in any matter
learning can be you seed a desire in you
or somebody makes you learn
or occasion or atmosphere for it
seeing todays world i can say is, force yourself to it

Quran talks about 2 persons all the time
one is learned one
other is ignorant,here ignorant is nothing but no knowledge means illitrate means no proper education
even if you have education your heart does not work on it,as your heart does not accepts
as there is no hidayat for that.
in this world everything is in control of Allah swt but only heart is left free,that is why we desire we can get it.(but with hidden mercy of Allah swt)

people think only when you are child learning is done
no that is not the case
in every stage of life you have new things to learn for coming tests
like to child- grasping is learning stage
next toddler- language learning is another stage
then adolescent- learning humanity,About Allah swt,Prophet, life and exam is another stage
adulthood (ripened stage of life)- amal, all things of adultworld and taqwa and patience has to be learned,learning of basic things that shuold be learned in childhood now will be difficult.
middleage - maturity means complete understanding of things
oldage- i dont know right now.i havent observed.
forgot some will write if remembered