Monday, 25 January 2016


Angels are the perfect beings
they are the perfect creation of Allah swt
perfect in everything
there work remembering,and carrying out
there food is zikr of Allah swt
what a blessed food they have
that is why they are called noori maqluq

our enemy said to Adam why dont eat that fruit otherwise you would become angel
so we can see the status of angel here

in one hadees it is said if you understand clearly arabic in Quran then you can hear the guiding from your helper angels correctly.

when all heaven people will go in heaven
all big angels known angels and head angels will come just like an big occasion only to you
and they will say SALAAM ON YOU on blessed being
greetings on your victory
really best place you got
with this the jannati will become big(not physically) that all are greeting me
like any leader will come specifically to you and greets you
you feel very honourable in front of other and neighbors
just like that you will feel honored
that is the real honor

finally your Lord of Alamin will greet you
on heavenly being SALAM FROM YOUR RAB whose is big merciful
then his chest will be at highest peak of honor.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


first of all learning should be according to age
if you make an old man sit with iron fist then it will count as tyranny.
if you make a child then that is parenting, but dont overdo it, overdoing is not liked by Allah swt in any matter
learning can be you seed a desire in you
or somebody makes you learn
or occasion or atmosphere for it
seeing todays world i can say is, force yourself to it

Quran talks about 2 persons all the time
one is learned one
other is ignorant,here ignorant is nothing but no knowledge means illitrate means no proper education
even if you have education your heart does not work on it,as your heart does not accepts
as there is no hidayat for that.
in this world everything is in control of Allah swt but only heart is left free,that is why we desire we can get it.(but with hidden mercy of Allah swt)

people think only when you are child learning is done
no that is not the case
in every stage of life you have new things to learn for coming tests
like to child- grasping is learning stage
next toddler- language learning is another stage
then adolescent- learning humanity,About Allah swt,Prophet, life and exam is another stage
adulthood (ripened stage of life)- amal, all things of adultworld and taqwa and patience has to be learned,learning of basic things that shuold be learned in childhood now will be difficult.
middleage - maturity means complete understanding of things
oldage- i dont know right now.i havent observed.
forgot some will write if remembered

first attack of our enemy and rememberance

writing has benefit of reading again and again
as even you understand 10% in first time if you read again and again you can reach till distinction
i am writing 2 very very important topics that is first attack of our enemy and Rememberance
please learn it remember it and tell as many as you can i your own language and style.
the FIRST AND FOREMOST attack of our enemy is
he blinds humans
that is why i wrote first mail today about hidayat, and darkness
next was egoist
when you are in darkness
nothing is right or wrong who ever takes your hand is hero for you
so dark matter sways you away then develops in you some feelings
last one (attack) being false faith(means blind belief,yes that is right without any knowledge)

this all started with creation of first human
Allah swt taught him then later when he met the other beings for the firsttime
he greeted and told them what they did
for which angels were astonished
our base of exam is also belief and rememberance
rememberance plays big part for us humans
in this exam that is the sole thing to take you in heaven
as you have to remember in final moments

please remember this
in this world we have to learn all sort of different things
Who is Allah swt
Who is Prophet, nabi, who came what they did,
earthly studies
money spending
ther is no limit for harddisk sitting above as a king in humanbody
to remember all the processes
to get iman you should have correct human information when passed to heart changes to iman
processes to show signs of Allah swt,to make you believe
processes to correctly run this world
processes to reach safe in heaven
etc etc
all depends on correct information and to remember it
tell who has just given all out ,the correct information free of cost
how much is your english grammar book is it costly than the information of Quran?
tell me what is the higher value to remember only verses of Quran
the haafiz will be rewarded to start reading Quran and there heaven will be when they stop reading it
where will they stop the first and biggest heaven
they dont even know the meaning of the single verse just rememberance
one point i have observed very carefully studying muslims and others is
if you forget rememberance of Allah swt
you are done for this exam
if you get out of one trap of our enemy then you will enter into another so dont be disheartened it makes you more stronger and content with your Lord
it is simple rule of this world.
to brake any occupancy over you or forgot
then read taauz,believe me very powerful kalima so simple and very powerful
then other foolish beliefs read muwazittain daily,you really cannot know the real power of these 2 surah, very very powerful against any class of enemy.
there is ayatkursi and surah baqara.

this exam is of understanding

most of you dont understand still
for example
most of you know why there is beard
i say to non muslim to have beard
he will laugh in my face and walkaway
as he doesnot understand the meaning for it
commenting or poking or laughing foolishly is sign of foolishness or illitracy
if i say muslim
have a beard
he will accept and keep quiet even not having or keeping
you see accepting is sign of understanding

stop music right now

once i was big listener of songs in my life,i had every latest song when released
it was the one of most difficult thing for me to loose
still i remember it clearly
the blesssing which i got after that were direct mercy of Allah swt on me
then i  was around 15 or 16
but later when started some ok some not ok
i cud see 3 threads breaking one by one
means i lost the gift of direct mercy
i lost all of it
come to point
everything is in ibadat of Allah swt
one more proof i like to give
in one hadees it is given this air and land bleeds when it hears music or kalima other than praise than of Allah swt
air has atoms
land has atoms
fire has atoms
so you play loud music
whom you are disturbing?


you have read kalima
you have been witness as your parents made you do
but once in your life have you told with YOUR OWN SELF
i do witness there is Allah everything happens with him
i do also witness our Prophet is last one and most fearful of Allah swt.
or felt
this exam is beautiful to understand and easy
we have given only 2 works
but we created ourself one more
tell me if you enjoy here will you enjoy there as well
no not possible
as we learn correct knowledge correct for brain and its physical and chemical features
means correct processing
and forwarding
to heart
loves with it
learns with it
desires with it
enjoys with it
peace with it
patience with it
so muslim is a being of heart
(sorry i cannot make correctly what is really in my heart into words)
finally when you reach your lord
he will check your heart not pockets as from hadees
you feel
i can feel so many things i cannot say,as it may make me sit on peas tree
you can feel many things
sorry cannot think of anything
finally in hell
the fire will first burn the skin which is 80feet or km thick forgot sorry
then will burn whole body then finally will burn the heart
to the dwellers of hell
as in this world we did see with lustful eyes,work of eyes is to see but to content your heart
you saw,so root is heart which feels the lust. etc
finally the most important thing
you have been given 70 80 90 years of life
why you just only 1 purpose given
to find YOUR LORD
but to do it you need correct information
we have it others dont
once you feel if you are non believer
then automatically hidayat of Allah swt comes to make your roots stronger


in my years of stay in UK i got 3 big hidayats
hidayat and
it is so simple word
how can you know you have some or more or nothing
tell you can
then what will you do
that is normal person
but a muslim
prays, asks,begs, understand,loves etc
and he blesses them,without any question
literrally you have to do this one thing
as you dont learn without working out something
in the night without any light anywhere
try to reach a destination
from bed to kitchen
then you take a torch and point out
you see a plates and beside it a stove and move further you see a bin etc
(as you arranged in kitchen)
but you dont know it is right or left and what is up and what is down
you cannot see is it bedroom or living room or just somebodys house
with torch light only one point is visible
other everything is dark
that is what you learned YOURSELF.
in Sun shine you see what is bedroom, livingroom, bathroom, door, mat everything
you can see
that is hidayat from Allah swt.

one more thing after long time i started to write again to you people
my before emails contained some smashing record information
very big information even difficult for bigshots today
i not bragging i wrote all completely explained all what i know
nothing hiding anything
and you threw it away as chain mail
m i right
then you proved a verse i really wanted to understand from many years, thanks.
in Quran Allah swt says they dont even remember as a joke,